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The Night That Crawls In

Author: 애디스 (aedis)
Artist: 레드피치스튜디오 (red peach studio)

“I’ve returned to the past, back to when I was twenty-five.” Seon-ah decides to divorce after catching her husband and stepsister in an affair, but before she can act on it, she is killed in a terrible accident that also claims the life of her child. When she opens her eyes next, Seon-ah finds herself eight years in the past, back to being twenty-five. “I’m not going to let it happen again.” Seon-ah struggles to avoid repeating the same mistakes and to achieve her goals, with her senior colleague, Dojin, solidly supporting her from behind. One day, puzzled by the feelings of déjà vu, she recalls an enlightenment she had forgotten from her past life. “I’ll love you all my life, even after death, and if I’m reborn, I’ll love you then, too.”


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