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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I read early access chapters?

I post the passwords for the locked chapters here in the website over at my Patreon. It does require you to be a patron, but chapters will still be out a week after early access!

I want to suggest a series for you to translate. Where do I go?

If you're in my Discord, we have a channel over there specifically for suggesting titles to be translated. But please don't force me!

Where do I read

the free chapters?

I exclusively upload on Bato. All public chapters go there and nowhere else, which is why you should only read there! 

When will you upload the next chapter of [insert series title]?

The benefit of having early access is you get the chapters as soon as I'm done with it. Public viewing (aka Bato) is available a few days after that. So if I take too long to post the public chapter, it means I'm busy. Please don't rush me.

Why does it take me back to Bato? Where are the chapters?

The website is solely for early access only as of now. I take down chapters from the website once I've made it public on Bato.

I'm from [insert other translation group]. Will you donate/sell your raws to us?

I can't and won't. What I'm doing is illegal enough. Besides, the titles I choose are very accessible. Buy the original. I'm so done with groups who steal my raws. They ask for permission but get them anyway when I say no.

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