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My Younger Brother's Friend Can't Be This Big!

Author: 곽두팔 (kwak dupal)
Artist: 레드피치스튜디오 (red peach studio)

“Noona, you’re not planning to hit it and quit it, are you?” I never expected to see my boyfriend of two years, whom I was shopping for a birthday present for at the department store, walking hand in hand with an old friend of mine. I was completely wasted when I accidentally ran into my younger brother’s friend. So far, no problem. “Noona, are you okay?” But why am I on his bed?? “D-Did we sleep together?!” “We haven’t slept together yet…” “…What?” “Because last night, you said… with a cock like mine… it should be savoured sober…” Is it because I let my guard down with my younger brother’s friend who is young, good-looking, and well-endowed? Something seems seriously off. “What are you talking about? Us, dating?” “Noona, you’re not planning to hit it and quit it, are you? My body, my heart, even my virginity, I’ve given you everything…” He could have girls lining up for him, so why is he doing this to me?!


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