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My Brother's Friends Can't Be This Big!

Author: 곽두팔 (kwak dupal)
Artist: 레드피치스튜디오 (red peach studio)

※ This series includes themes and topics that might not suit everyone's taste, such as threesomes. Please be mindful when reading. "What would it feel like to be surrounded by muscular men, our bare skins rubbing against each other?" Ever since I was young, I've always preferred spending time alone in my room over hanging out in groups. Now that I've just become an adult, I find myself different from my friends who are busy enjoying clubs, group dates, and all that stuff. But of course, being introverted doesn't mean I lack desires. Yep, my thing was being with multiple people at once. Under the condition they're good-looking! I indulged in naughty chats online, something impossible in real life, enjoying the anonymity the internet provided. This perfect little world of mine... "If we knew you were into this, we would have done it for you sooner." "Exactly. No need for us to fight over nothing." "No way...!" "So, have you masturbated to our dick pics a lot?" I was wondering what kind of nutters that hot go around sending nudes. Turns out they were my brother's friends who've been annoying me all this time!!


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