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Kept Man

Author: 박죠죠 (park jojo)
Artist: 레드피치스튜디오 (red peach studio)

Right after passing the bar exam, she finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her with another woman. Her grandmother is in poor health, barely clinging to life, and she lives in a rundown neighbourhood with wanted posters plastered everywhere. Amid fears of being left all alone as life beats her down, Yeonwoo miraculously meets a man. He’s like a great white shark, a man who once forgave her debts—Baek Sang-eon, an executive director. “Miss Yeonwoo, how about you repay the favour now?” “…Are you hurt?” “A bit?” After impulsively bringing the injured man home, she wonders if it’s no coincidence she feels less lonely. Instead of accepting Baek Sang-eon’s offer to pay her back under the guise of owing him, Yeonwoo starts boldly provoking him. “I don’t think you’re the type to hit a pretty girl.” “Did I say you were pretty?” “You haven’t taken your eyes off me since I walked in. You were staring so intensely, it was almost burning.” She hasn’t even thought about what consequences this might bring.

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May 11

the links take you to 20 year old college jocks

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