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Captive in Dreamland

Author: 가나라빛 (gaonnara light)
Artist: 레드피치스튜디오 (red peach studio)

“Once I find you, I shall make you into a beautiful bird that looks only at me.” * Ella, a maid in the royal palace of Drois, longed only for a simple and modest life. However, after she discovers an old music box while cleaning the storeroom, she begins to dream every night—dreams both secretive and perilous. “Who are you, exactly?” “A monster that will devour you.” Upon realising that the man in her dreams is none other than the emperor known as the tyrant Carlisle, Ella decides to flee to protect herself. “Ella, I shall beautifully decorate a cage just for you.” Unaware of the singular fate that awaits her.


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